Frequent visitor card

The AngerResidenz would like to pay special tribute to you as a regular guest of the hotel:

  • Every regular guest receives a regular guest card after payment at the end of their 2nd holiday stay (exception if booked through a travel agency or package deals have been accepted)

The card is valid per flat.

  • On this card you will already find as many chips as you have spent holiday days with us as a regular guest: one chip per holiday day.


  • If you are a regular guest and a new guest comes to us on the basis of a tip from you, you will receive a chip for their first stay at the AngerResidenz: one chip per holiday day.
  • All you have to do is tell us the name of the guest and the points are yours.
    You will immediately receive the chips for your regular guest card by post.


= free holiday days

For every full Regular Guest Card that you return to us when you pay for your 3rd holiday at the
AngerResidenz, we will give you a free day’s holiday in our AngerResidenz (not in the New Year’s Eve season).
This will be credited at a flat rate of € 50.00 per regular guest card on the 3rd holiday bill.

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