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GPS tours for adults
Perplexed hikers at crossroads will soon be a thing of the past.
Hiking is wonderful – lots of fresh air, panoramic views and undisturbed idyll. But as soon as you start looking in vain for the right turn-off somewhere in no man’s land, the fun is over. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a small satellite navigation device with you that provides information about your current location and the right hiking route?
The Angerresidenz will provide you with one. Here are some selected track suggestions on the GPS.
GPS tour guided by children
Can you imagine your children guiding you to a specific destination? The Angerresidenz offers the opportunity for your children to prove that they can cope with technology in the great outdoors.
We have prepared routes in detail and provided them with a precise description so that your children can guide you safely to your destination. We will equip your children with an electronic compass and illustrated directions

Canoe trips on the Scharzen Regen

Canoeing or kayaking on the Regen River from Regen-Oleumhütte to Auerkiel.

Organised tour in “Bavarian Canada” is the most beautiful section of the Regen River.

Paddles and life jackets are provided – return transport is organised.

Prices are under €40/boat for 2 people incl., €25/single kayak.

The adventure companies Bohemiatours and Schneider-Events are happy to take care of this.

The AngerResidenz team will be happy to book an adventure date for you.

Dog sledding, snowshoe hikes

  • In the thermal paradise of the Bavarian Forest – land of eight thousand metre peaks

    • Best thermal and slope flying opportunities (with BAYWA wave flight reservoir)
    • Take-off to the race tracks towards the NW to Thuringian Forest and towards the WSW
    • Albkante with good FAI cross-connectors and earliest start of thermals
    • Flight instructor on site by arrangement (voluntary instruction in the local conditions)
    • Restaurant with rich, home-style cooking
    • Direct location in the Bavarian Forest National Park with many excursion possibilities
    • Panoramic swimming pool and Weinfurtner glass village (glass blowing workshop) only 10 minutes away on foot
    • There are several aeroplanes available.

Survival hike, climbing garden, bow-and-arrow shooting

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