Sculpture trail - pure culture

The Zwiesel Sculpture trail - art in the urban landscape.

his ‘Sculp-tour’ was first started in 2003 by a work group and has grown to become an attractive amenity emphasising
the artisitc and cultural life of the town of Zwiesel.

Currently 65 works of art enrich the Zwiesel Sculpture trail, which extends over the entire urban area. Annually, the town invests 15,000 € in it.

The following works can be found on this urban tour:
  • Hirtenbrunnen (shepherds fountain) by Siegfried Schriml
  • Hafnerbrunnen (potters fountain) by Veronika Schagemann
  • Schottbrunnen (bulkhead fountain) by Mauder, Schrimml and Kopp
  • Braunbär-Skulptur (brown bear sculpture) by Reinhard Mader
  • Granitbrunnen “Glas+Holz” (granite fountain “glass + wood”) by Wolfgang Hirtreiter
  • Stormbergerbrunnen (Stormberger fountain) by Siegfried Schiml
  • Almabtrieb (ceremonial driving of the cattle from the mountain pastures) steelwork by Manfred Kramheller
  • Spielende Kinder (playing children) by Michael Killinger
  • Regenbogen (rainbow 9 parts) by Oswald Faber
  • Glasharfe (glass harp) by Alois Wudy
  • Glas-Triptychon (glass triptych) by Josef Hilgart
  • Rabenschwarm (flock of ravens – 5 pieces) by Sebastian Roser
  • Rauhnacht (12 nights around the new year – often assumed to have special meaning) by Justus Müller
  • The Rocket Man by Pollinger & Tremml goldsmiths.
  • Der Bär (the bear) by Josef Reiß
  • … and many more 
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