Zwiesel Forest Museum

The Forest Museum is housed in a historic building in the town of Zwiesel

An impressive primeval forest diorama forms the entrance to the first rooms, where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural environment of the forest mountains.
Starting with the formation of the Bavarian Forest and its geology, the section is dedicated to the diversity of nature and shows the variety of animals, plants and fungi.
Visitors can also see how man has made “the forest” his own as a habitat and how he has utilised it.
Forest work and forest shepherds play an important role here. The Bavarian Forest and glass are inextricably linked.
This fascinating material has been produced here since the late Middle Ages. Glass production and the glass trade are therefore described in detail.
A glassmaking village illustrates what life and work was like on a glassworks estate in the middle of the 18th century. The famous Zwiesel glass school and the glassworks in and around Zwiesel with their impressive products once again illustrate the region’s full potential from earlier times to the present day.
The Bavarian Forest is presented in an entertaining but informative way over 1200 square metres.

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