Zwiesel underground passages

Mysterious structures pervade the Zwiesel underground.

The “Underground Passages” – a new and yet centuries-old speciality of Zwiesel:

New for many, because they have only been open to the public again since 2007; old at the same time, because they were created centuries ago.

The origins of these underground tunnels, carved out of bare rock and stretching for kilometres beneath the town centre, are still shrouded in mystery. In recent centuries, they have often been used as storage facilities by the inhabitants of the neighbouring buildings. These very strange tubes from the 6th and 9th centuries – what was their original purpose? Who built them? What was at the beginning?

What we assume from today’s perspective:

  • They served as storage sites and hiding places from enemies.
  • They were escape routes.
  • They were used for purification ceremonies.
  • They were places for a death cult.
  • Or perhaps dwarf dwellings?

This “underground city” is constantly being excavated – and is absolutely worth seeing. Make up your own mind and visit it with an expert guide.

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