Oldtimer weekend

Do you have a classic car, a newtimer or a motorbike? Come and see us!

You will stay in one of the 56 square metre suites with a terrace, conservatory or balcony overlooking the park and river.

The hotel owner will personally introduce you to one or two exciting routes. You will also receive a comprehensive roadmap with route details, sketches, pictures and important information on the highlights of this tour.

The hotel owner has been driving a Jaguar E-Type (built in 1962) and a 250 BMW Isetta (built in 1961) for 30 years and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. On request, our workshop with a master mechanic and platform next door can also help out. A garage at the neighbour’s can be arranged, although usually our classic cars are parked exclusively on the park (and not in the car park), so that you can see your classic car from your terrace, conservatory or balcony while enjoying a glass of beer (see pictures).

The two tours are particularly popular:

  • Glass Route (driving distance 140 km, net driving time 2:45 h)
  • Nature route (driving distance 145 km, net driving time 3:15 h)

We will provide you with a road book for each of these routes.

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